Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I love money. I like to presume that everyone does… I like to kill time thinking about ways of making money. I like to presume that everyone does…although my ideas never seem to work, I have to much time to kill anyways. There are always some issues with feasibility, possibility or more often than naught outrageous imagination… however I did come up with a couple of good ideas for the Indian government to make money…
1. Legalize prostitution
Its not my idea and its been in thought about forever. However, all the people who like to close their eyes and pretend that its not happening have a stronger say than the ones who would actually like to do anything about it. I mean look at the opportunities that are hidden over here. Its like a booming market with a demand that is generally exceeding the supply. Now I am not sure how much money is there but I am sure there is enough for the income tax people to get some work and well some more money in the governments’ kitty!!!
2. Legalize corruption
Now this is my idea and it is actually an inspiration from the first idea. I feel it’s the same type of people who are involved in both the sectors. People who go to brothels are people who are needy, greedy and are never happy with what they get, so are the ones who pay up for corruption…See, corruption is  considered unethical and I’d say its equally unethical as prostitution and the same people who close their eyes to it do it here as well!!! And seriously I don’t need to talk about the opportunities over here, after the CWG and the recent 2G scam…. I think India’s fiscal deficit would go away even if the government legalizes corruption. With the transactions going into hundreds of crores and scams worth thousands of crores whatever tax from such income could help India develop better than how it is happening now!!!
See I have too much wella time at hand I keep thinking about such things and more often than naught I get carried away and I thought of how much employment these two seemingly similar industries could make. Imagine, Arindam Chaudhary (of IIPM) giving a seminar on corruption or starting courses on prostitution or corruption… I mean now you can let your imagination run wild and do the rest right???
Now what the government should understand what one of my favorite professor used to say “when rape is unavoidable then you better lay back and enjoy it….”
Keep smiling!!


Blogger Treehugger said...

3 words - Legalize pot Dumbfucks.

12:32 AM  
Blogger I am not Batman said...

Maine comment kiya.

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